Overview: What is Zyro?

Zyro is a commercial web-based service. This means you need to visit the site and sign up for an account first. Once you’ve done that, using the website builder is all done via your web browser.

It is extremely intuitive to work with. If you’ve ever used a word processor or similar What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG) application – the theory is the same. It’s like playing with building blocks.

The blocks are pre-designed website elements, such as images, text boxes, and so on. Designing a website can be as simple as choosing the element you want,  then dragging and dropping it into place.

Pros: What I like about Zyro

1. Zyro is Simple to Use

Zyro.com - why zyro? zyro
Zyro editor is simple and straightforward. You can start editing by adding different elements to the template.

Most website builders are built to make things easier in the web design process. This means they eliminate the need for coding and other structural or technical skills. Zyro is by far the easiest one I’ve seen to date.

Even if you were to ignore any of the guidance texts and go by intuition alone, you can get a site built. For those with a bit of experience, the process can go even faster when using Zyro’s pre-designed templates.

2. There’s a Free Account

Many of you might think about the limitations of a free account and you would be right. Zyro has those as well. However, consider it from the viewpoint of someone totally new to website building and needing a trial.

Rather than having to register and pay first, Zyro lets new users start with no payment at all. It’s essentially a trial period which can last as long as the user wants. This is great for those nervous about committing cash before being able to use the system.

3. It’s a Holistic Solution

Aside from the core website builder, Zyro offers additional tools that would-be website owners can use. These add value to Zyro as a whole and help website owners in ways not many other solution providers do.

The AI Heatmap can help analyze images to let users know where focus points will be. AI Writer can help generate generic text for use without the need to outsource basic content creation. Then there is the Logo Maker which is basic, but functional.

By providing all these tools in a single package, Zyro is essentially a one-stop shop for your website building needs.

4. It Offers Nice Pre-built Templates

Zyro offers two categories of pre-built templates – Regular Websites and Online Stores.

One of the most important things for new site owners is the ability to reference ideas. That’s essentially what Zyro’s template library is. You can use them ‘as is’ or mix and match the ideas from various designs.

This makes learning to design your website fun. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, you can choose to heavily modify one of them, or simply delete the elements and start from scratch. It’s a digital whiteboard for your use.

5. Suitable for eCommerce As Well

Even though Zyro’s focus is on basic sites, they have options for those who want to build an online store as well. Comparing the price of their eCommerce plans and what they offer, I have to say that they’re cheaper than most I’ve seen.

For example, the lower-tier eCommerce plans lets you list 100 products. This already is more than sufficient for most starter online stores. If you need more, upgrade your plan and that limit goes away.

Best of all, they charge zero commission on transactions for your online store.

Cons: What I dislike about Zyro

1. Limited Support

For a service provider that’s catering to inexperienced users, Zyro support is surprisingly difficult to get. I tried the online chat feature and responses typically never come – they’ll get back to you by email perhaps hours or a day later.

The knowledge base is also extremely limited. If you’ve ever read a knowledge base and thought “that wasn’t helpful” – this is it. The Q&As are rudimentary and don’t cover topics in-depth.

2. Free Sites Are Limited

Earlier I mentioned that free sites can be used as a limitless trial. That was the good part. Unfortunately, for those hoping to use the free plan, it also comes with Zyro ads plastered on your site.

This is really not the way anyone would want their site to present to visitors, so in reality, there isn’t a ‘free’ option. Most users would opt for at the very least, their cheapest plan before publishing a site.

3. Domain Names are Difficult to Connect

I’ve been dealing with domain names and web hosting for years now. Zyro is by far one of the most difficult to work with. Their process for connecting a custom domain name isn’t how it works in reality.

Unfortunately, you will also need to convince the support team that they’re wrong before they really investigate the issues. The good point is that this seems to be a teething issue, so they might resolve it soon – I hope.

Zyro Plans & Pricing

Plans features

Zyro Pricing & Features

Zyro’s plans come in two main segments – one set for normal websites and another for eCommerce. There are 3 regular plans and 2 eCommerce plans available. The free plan is only available for regular websites.

Most of the plans actually have surprisingly good features, but we can see that Zyro is strategically using core features to urge users to upgrade to at least the BASIC plan, their lowest level of paid plans.

eCommerce plans are virtually identical with two notable exceptions. The more expensive one supports a higher number of products, plus allows your site to sell on social media platforms.

Click here > To learn Zyro plans and pricing in details.

Zyro Templates & Designs

Compared with a few other top website builders, Zyro does indeed have a more limited number of free templates. The ones they have are also quite basic and don’t come with many advanced features.

This is actually good for their target audience. The basic templates can serve as guides to absolute beginners as they work their way up the skills ladder. All templates are completely customizable.

As an idea of what they have, here are some of their free templates:

Zyro Template: Gust (interior design)
Zyro Template: Gust (interior design)
Zyro Template ARGYLE (Art Gallery)
Zyro Template ARGYLE (Art Gallery)

To learn how to get started with Zyro, see our guide on Building a Personal Site with Zyro.

More About Zyro Website Builder (FAQ)

What is Zyro?

Zyro is a website building tool. It allows non-technically inclined users to quickly and easily build websites with a visual editor. It also comes with additional tools, such as a Logo Maker, AI Heatmap, and AI Writer.

Is Zyro Free?

Zyro does offer a free plan but that comes with ads and limited resources for use. Their next step up only costs $1.99/mo and removes Zyro ads from your site.

Do I need to Install a SSL for my Zyro Site?

Zyro includes SSL coverage for all sites built using their tool. This includes their free sites. No installation is necessary – it will be done for you as soon as your site is created.

How Much Does Zyro Cost?

Zyro’s paid plans range from $1.99/mo to $21.99/mo for new sign ups. The higher range of prices only apply to eCommerce sites. Do note that prices increase upon expiry of your contract and renewals are at higher rates.

Is Zyro Easier to Use Than WordPress?

Yes. WordPress has far more potential, but Zyro is much easier to use. The two aren’t exactly in the same category since Zyro is a website builder, while WordPress has a core focus on content management.

Verdict: Who Should Use Zyro

Those really new to website builders or web design in general.

Zyro, like most website builders, is designed for simplicity and ease of use. It’s meant to help those who have no prior experience in web design. By working with a drag-and drop system, almost anyone can fit the necessary pieces together to build a site.

Most importantly it opens up new avenues to both individuals and small businesses alike by coming in at highly competitive rates. Be it for basic or eCommerce plans, Zyro’s rates are really cheap considering what they offer.

Still, their lack of advanced features might be frustrating to site owners with some experience.


  • Great for absolute beginners
  • Additional value-added tools
  • Pre-built templates available
  • No worries about SSL installation
  • Also suitable for eCommerce sites
  • 0% Commission on eCommerce plans


  • Limited support
  • Difficult to connect custom domain
  • Forced ads on free plan


To Begin

Step 1 – Signup using your preferred email address or Facebook account.
Step 1 – Signup using your preferred email address or Facebook account.
Step 2 – Enter your password. You are good to go!
Step 2 – Enter your password. You are good to go!

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