Learn how to sell your goods online using Shopify. In this tutorial, I show you step by step how you can set up your own webshop, add products, coupon codes, let the webshop calculate shipping rates, and add payment methods. After watching this tutorial you will have everything up and running so you can start selling products online and automate the process. Selling online has never been easier!

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Timestamps 01:46 Get a (free) account at Shopify 04:00 The Backend 04:19 The Plans 06:00 Choose s a Plan (optional) 07:01 Get a Domain (optional) 08:43 The General Settings Create a Product 10:52 Create Your First Product 11:35 Get Ideas For a Good Description 12:49 Add Product Images 13:38 Price and Sales:14:02 Calculate the Profit per sale 15:23 Manage the Stock 16:52 Add Variations (like Size, Color etc.) 18:37 Change the stock per variation 19:23 Change the price per variation 19:59 Optimise Your Product for the search results 21:06 Product Categories 21:46 Product Tags 22:18 More Editing Options For Products 23:07 Duplicating Products 24:17 Optimise Images 25:29 Add More Products 27:28 Collections 30:19 Get The Free Debutify Theme 32:26 Publish Your Website 33:47 Create a Logo For Free Configure The Homepage 37:15 Configure the Header 38:44 Create a Slide 40:39 The Colors 41:18 The Announcement 41:42 The Fonts 42:32 Get Inspiration From Other Stores 43:09 Create a Second Slide 43:53 Featured Content 46:27 Add Collections 49:08 The Footer 50:39 Add a Favicon 51:00 Adjust the Cart 51:40 Advanced Settings 54:52 The Checkout Page 56:26 The Mobile View 57:17 The Product Page 01:00:59 The Collection Page 01:01:36 The Result So Far 01:02:01 Create The Contact Page 01:02:52 Create The FAQ Page 01:05:25 Create a Menu 01:09:18 Discount Codes 01:14:51 Shipping 01:20:33 Payment Methods 01:23:19 Buy a Product 01:25:37 What Happens When You Get An Order 01:27:25 Analytics 01:28:13 Legal Stuff 01:30:58 What We Have

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